UniQure stock surges on data for Huntington’s gene therapy

Shares of UniQure rose more than 60% Tuesday morning after the Netherlands-based biotechnology company gave an updated look at clinical trial results for its gene therapy for Huntington’s disease.

UniQure has been periodically releasing data from two small trials that are testing a low and high dose of the therapy, called AMT-130, in patients with early Huntington’s disease. By December of last year, the company said both doses appeared to be preserving or improving neurological function.

Though UniQure had described those results as “very promising,” investors weren’t so convinced. AMT-130 is designed to thwart the production of huntingtin — a protein that, while normally helpful for brain function, can mutate, become toxic and ultimately cause Huntington’s. But on that measure of reducing mutant huntingtin, the therapy’s performance hasn’t been consistent. The low dose has also sometimes seemed more effective than the high dose.

UniQure’s latest update pertains to…
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