Experts warn how life will change as global temperatures rise

Climate change is raising sea levels, creating stronger and wetter storms, melting ice sheets, and fostering conditions for more and worse wildfires. But as cities around the world warm, climate change’s complex global picture often comes down to this: Residents say they are just too hot.

Jane Gilbert, one of the nation’s first official “heat officers,” works in Miami-Dade County. She said South Florida may be suffering the effects of sea level rise and is in the crosshairs of stronger and more frequent hurricanes, but residents testifying at 2020 hearings on climate-change impacts on low-income neighborhoods repeatedly said the biggest one was the heat.

Panelists gathered at the Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Longfellow Hall last Friday for an event on the “Future of Cities” in a warming world said the topic is particularly relevant this year, when global temperatures soared to new records. As Gilbert spoke on the…
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