Eli Lilly sues compounders and medical spas over sales of unapproved copycats of its diabetes blockbuster Mounjaro

Eli Lilly on Tuesday sued 10 medical spas, wellness centers and compounding pharmacies in Florida, Georgia, Arizona, Minnesota, Utah and Texas for selling unapproved and compounded versions of its blockbuster type 2 diabetes drug Mounjaro (tirzepatide).

Lilly is asking the defendants, several of whom use an unauthorized Mounjaro trademark on their websites, to stop providing drugs in violation of consumer protection laws. The company notes heightened safety concerns, saying some of these companies promise their patients that the drugs offer the same safety profile and clinical benefits as Mounjaro when they’re actually compounded versions that don’t adhere to the same FDA regulations as fully approved products.

“Lilly cannot validate the safety or effectiveness of products claiming to contain tirzepatide that are not our own branded product. Because of this, Lilly filed lawsuits to protect patient safety and stop the unlawful marketing and sale of non-FDA approved compounded products fraudulently claiming…
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