Startups led by MIT mechanical engineers offer health care solutions

Health care has always been ripe for innovation. Whether it’s increasing safety in operating rooms, developing systems to reduce patient wait times, or improving drug delivery, there are endless opportunities to improve the efficacy and efficiency of health care. The Covid-19 pandemic made the need for these solutions all the more pressing.

“There were a number of startups from MIT that addressed problems related to the pandemic,” says George Whitfield, entrepreneur in residence at the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship. “One company, Biobot Analytics, developed a technology to monitor disease spread by looking at wastewater in sewers. In a case of unbelievable serendipity, they developed this right as Covid was starting to spread.”

Another startup inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic, Teal Bio, developed a comfortable, reusable, and transparent respirator that can be worn by health care professionals on long shifts. The company has identified a number of benefits to…
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