Providing new pathways for neuroscience research and education

Payton Dupuis’s interest in biology research began where it does for many future scientists — witnessing a relative struggling with an incurable medical condition. For Dupuis, that family member was her uncle, who suffered from complications from diabetes. Dupuis, a senior at Montana State University, says that diabetes is prominent on the Flathead Reservation in Montana, where she grew up, and witnessing the impacts of the disease inspired her to pursue a career in scientific research. Since then, that passion has taken Dupuis around the country to participate in various summer research programs in the biomedical sciences.

Most recently, she was a participant in the Bernard S. and Sophie G. Gould MIT Summer Research Program in Biology (BSG-MSRP-Bio). The program, offered by the departments of Biology and Brain and Cognitive Sciences, is designed to encourage students from underrepresented groups to attend graduate school and pursue careers in science research. More…
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