Biogen pays $900M to settle wide-ranging physician kickback claims

Looking to clear the deck ahead of its long-awaited lecanemab data release, Biogen agreed to pay the US government and states a whopping $900 million to settle seven-year-old allegations that it submitted false claims to Medicare and Medicaid by paying kickbacks to physicians to induce them to prescribe Biogen drugs.

Michael Bawduniak

The settlement, which is on the higher end of these DOJ-related resolutions that have become common in the pharma industry, resolves a lawsuit filed by former Biogen employee (now a director at Genzyme) Michael Bawduniak, who will take home almost $250 million as part of the deal.

Bawduniak alleged that for more than five years from 2009 through March 2014, Biogen paid speaker honoraria, training fees, consulting fees and meals, to health care professionals attending Biogen’s speaker programs, speaker training meetings or consultant programs to induce them to prescribe Avonex, Tysabri and…
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