Sarepta licenses next-gen AAV tech from Broad Institute in deal covering five indications — including Duchenne

Sarepta’s research agreement with the Broad Institute is taking the next step Monday.

The biotech will license a new group of adeno-associated viruses from the institute for an undisclosed upfront payment and milestone promises, the pair announced Monday morning. Under the agreement, Sarepta will have the rights to five neuromuscular and cardiac indications, including Duchenne muscular dystrophy, where it’s already well-versed.

According to Sarepta, the deal covers the MyoAAV program that aims to deliver more efficient gene therapies using modified capsids. Endpoints News has also reached out to the Broad Institute and will update this story accordingly.

The group of viruses, per Sarepta:

  • Delivered 25-50 times greater gene expression in multiple skeletal muscles and 10-15 times greater gene expression in cardiac muscle;
  • Demonstrated reduced delivery to the liver by 50 percent and showed lower accumulation in the liver;
  • Can be used at up to a log lower dose than…
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