Three from MIT elected to the National Academy of Sciences for 2022

The National Academy of Sciences has elected 120 new members and 30 international associates, including three MIT professors — Angela Belcher, Pablo Jarillo-Herrera, and Ronitt Rubinfeld — in recognition of their achievements in original research.

Angela Belcher is the James Mason Crafts Professor of Biological Engineering and Materials Science, a member of the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Medicine at MIT, and the head of the Department of Biological Engineering. 

She is a biological and materials engineer with expertise in the fields of biomaterials, biomolecular materials, organic-inorganic interfaces, and solid-state chemistry and devices. Her primary research focus is evolving new materials for energy, electronics, the environment, and medicine. 

She received her BS in creative studies from the University of California at Santa Barbara. She earned a PhD in inorganic chemistry at UCSB in 1997. Following her postdoctoral research in electrical engineering at UCSB, she joined the faculty at…
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