Some cancer patients now have to find other options as Bristol Myers’ Abraxane falls into shortage from manufacturing woes

When Beth Hogan, a metastatic pancreatic cancer patient, showed up for her infusion at Yale’s Smilow Cancer Hospital in New Haven, CT on Oct. 11, she said she was informed that day that she would not be receiving Bristol Myers Squibb’s Abraxane, part of her combo treatment, because of a shortage.

“I was told we don’t know when you can have it,” she told Endpoints News via email, adding that she doesn’t expect to receive any Abraxane this coming Monday at her treatment appointment either, and she doesn’t know when things will change.

Since February, Hogan has been infused with a combo of Abraxane and Gemzar, she said, which “has been a miracle for me,” noting two successive scans with no cancer progression. “There has been no discussion of an alternative. I think they are waiting to see if it resolves itself. But I was told that something needs to…
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