Manufacturing woes for Novavax’s Covid jab badly disrupt plans for rollout to the poor — report

Production problems at a Novavax facility in Maryland have led to delays in the Covax vaccine sharing program. Now, a shortage of 1 billion doses is expected, as the supplier tries to navigate producing a shot up to regulators’ standards, Politico reported Tuesday.

The company has run into trouble with the purity of the vaccine. Novavax has had trouble proving it can produce a shot consistently up to standards, and it has caused significant delays in the rollout to low- and middle-income countries. This follows several delays at Novavax that has put the executive crew on the defensive.

Three people between Novavax and the Biden administration confirmed the delays to Politico, though they spoke on the condition of anonymity. Purity levels have hovered around 70%, the source said, and lower purity levels raise the chance of having contaminants or unnecessary substances in the vaccine. That’s disrupting plans to get vaccine…
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