Scientist / Senior Scientist, Biochemical Assay Development | Treeline Biosciences | Watertown, MA

About the Role

We are seeking an experienced and enthusiastic biochemist or enzymologist to join our growing team.  The successful candidate for the Scientist / Senior Scientist position in the Biochemistry group will have a critical role in supporting Treeline’s drug discovery programs by collaborating closely with a multi-disciplinary team of biology, biophysics, structural biology, computational, and medicinal chemistry scientists to deliver high-quality results and drive small molecule drug discovery.  Specifically, you will propose, design, and implement new biochemical assays to screen and characterize protein-small molecule and protein-protein interactions.

  • Propose, design, and implement novel biochemistry, biophysics, enzymology, and screening assays for compound testing and mechanism of action studies
  • Lead from the bench to propose and develop new assays and drive hit-to-lead and lead optimization experiments, collaborating with a cross-functional project team to improve compound potency, properties, and understanding of MoA
  • Design and conduct high-quality scientific experiments
  • Employ biochemical methods enabling mechanistic studies to determine the mode-of-inhibition for promising hits
  • Analyze, interpret, and communicate high-quality data to a multi-disciplinary project team
  • Propose and evaluate new approaches and technologies
  • Maintain an electronic notebook in compliance with company policies
  • Help establish the biochemistry group and contribute to building a culture that embraces continuous learning and improvement



  • Candidates must have a PhD in biochemistry, enzymology, or related discipline with 1-3 years of industry experience, or a BS/MS in biochemistry, or a related discipline with 8+ years relevant industry experience
  • In-depth knowledge in assay development
  • Strong knowledge and understanding of steady-state enzyme kinetics and binding assays
  • Previous experience in small molecule drug discovery, specifically biochemical assay development and characterization of small molecule inhibitors and protein-ligand binding interactions
  • Experience in a wide array of biochemical assays, both enzymatic and binding, utilizing a variety of readouts such as FI, FP, TR-FRET, AlphaScreen, DSF.
  • Attention to detail and good troubleshooting and problem-solving skills
  • Strong written and oral communication skills, excellent interpersonal skills, with demonstrated ability to work collaboratively on multidisciplinary teams


  • Mechanistic enzymology experience
  • Knowledge of automation and validation of assays for HTS is beneficial
  • Experience in working with challenging proteins
  • Experience studying covalent compounds, fragment-based screening, and DEL a plus


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